The products of the sea are the basis of the Calafellen gastronomy. The products of the sea and its wise combination with the products of the land, of course. The arrossejat is the flagship of the gastronomy of Calafell. An authentic fish-based and homemade meal, which today can also be tasted with authentic gastronomic refinement. However, the seventieth of restaurants that exist in the municipality will also offer a wide repertoire of other dishes based on fish.

In the oven, grilled, with sauces and sauces. Or accompanying rice or noodles. A few places will taste fish of the day as fresh and tasty as Calafell. With the added attraction that, with the refinements that every cook has put, it can eat practically the same as the fishermen while they fish in the sea.

More recently, xató, the escarole-based salad characteristic of the Penedes region, has been recovered in a general way. This dish had not stopped consuming more in the domestic sphere and appeared in the letters of some establishments. But the entrance of Calafell in the Route of the Xató, the year 2000, has given a renewed push to this traditional recipe.

Oh, if you eat in Calafell do not forget to ask for dessert for dessert. The cosetanos are newly created sweets. A fruit of the ideas of the local pastry chefs, who experimented to create a combination of nuts, almonds or caramelized hazelnuts, chocolate and cocoa powder, which is an authentic delight.