Festival of San Pedro, Calafell Platja - June 29

San Pedro is the patron of the nucleus of the Beach, a maritime neighborhood par excellence. The cult of Sant Pere was born as a result of the formation of the marine community of La Playa, between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. The devotion to Sant Pere was translated in the appearance of the Brotherhood of San Pedro, that agglutinated the fishermen and Calafellenses sailors. The main festival was organized by the Fishermen's Guild and by the 1950s the Center for Initiatives and Tourism took over. Nowadays the organization is in charge of the Festival Commission and the City Council.

Festival of the Holy Cross, Calafell Poble- July 16

The Holy Cross has presided over the church of the Castle and has been the owner since the tenth century. The patronage of the Holy Cross is celebrated on September 14. However, since 1787, in Calafell the dyad is commemorated on July 16. This change in date occurred due to socioeconomic reasons. In September it was the time of year with more work in the field and the Calafellenses could not enjoy the party with tranquility. At the end of the eighteenth century, the cultivation of the vine and the production of wine were the engine that kept alive the economy of Calafell, and the Festival coincided with this time, in which men, women and children participated in the recol·leció del grape. Given these special circumstances the priest wrote to the bishop of Barcelona requesting the date change and since 1787 the feast of the Holy Cross coincides with the feast of the Verge del Carme. This fact leads to identify the Virgin of Carmen as patron saint of Calafell, when it is the Holy Cross.

Festival of San Miguel, Segur de Calafell - September 29

San Miguel is the patron of Segur de Calafell. There are references to its dedication since the twelfth century and the celebration of its Fiesta Mayor since the seventeenth century, specifically in 1667, which includes, as the only act, the celebration of the mass in honor of the patron. Due to the few inhabitants of this nucleus, well into the twentieth century the Segurencs went to the Major Festivals of Calafell. It was not until the decade of the 60s that they began to organize the first major festivities for the Virgin of August by the hand of neighborhood associations. Later the organizer was the Initiatives and Tourism Center. In 1991, coinciding with the restoration of the Romanesque Church of Sant Miquel, the festival is celebrated again on September 29, the festivity of Sant Miquel.

Medieval market

Since 1998, the first weekend of September, in Calafell, the Medieval Market is celebrated around the historic center of the Plaça de Catalunya, Main Street, Mariano Soler Square and the surroundings of the castle. Throughout both days, in addition to all the stops on the market, there is an exhibition of raptors and displays of falconry, archery, donkey caravan, boat, games and children's workshops. Crafts such as shoemaker, glass blowing, blacksmith, basket maker, ceramic lathe, corrupies, distillation of essences, spinner, shields and swords, among others. Also stops perfumes, amulets, toys, silver, juggling, taverns, cake and bread oven, pastry, Arabic calligrapher, etc. On Saturday a medieval concert is held at the Castle of Santa Creu.