Hermitage of Sant Miquel

Hermitage of Sant Miquel
The first written news that is known about the church of Sant Miquel de Segur de Calafell dates from 1238. On November 18 of this year, Guillem de Crebai offers the sponsorship and belongings of the Sant Cugat to the monastery of Sant Cugat. 'Church of Santa Maria de Segur. It was the particular chapel of the lords of Segur, and was dedicated simultaneously to Santa Maria and Sant Miquel, which is why it has two apses. This double invocation has been typical of castles chapels since the 12th century. Its initial regime was, apparently, of a chapel suffrage of the parish of Sant Cristòfol de Cunit until 1363, when it passed, together with it, to depend on the parish of Santa Maria de Cubelles. Later on this date there are very few written references to mention this church. The bishopric of Barcelona records two pastoral visits to the church of Sant Miquel de Segur in the 15th and 16th centuries. The first takes place in 1414 and the second in 1508. No more written news of the church is known until 1921.

The worship, although in a small way, lasted until 1936, when the church was burned. In the 1950's, renovation and cleaning work was performed to serve the incipient developments. In 1988, the church became owned by the City Council of Calafell, which in 1980 had begun the procedures to be listed as a historical and artistic monument. In 1991 and 2004, several conservation-restoration work of the church were carried out.

The church has a single nave, rectangular in plan, with a semicircular apse at the head and another on the noon wall. It is a work belonging to a single constructive period, of transition from Romanesque to Gothic. It combines elements of the first style (rectangular floor plan) and the second (ribbed vault, pointed arch, austerity of moldings and arches and lateral buttress).

The church is not open to the public. Throughout the year, guided tours are organized promptly from the City Council's Historical Heritage Educational Team.

Ctra. de Barcelona, km 141, 43820 Calafell