Castell de la Santa Creu

Castell de la Santa Creu

Holy Cross Castle is a mediaeval fortified complex, which was documented for the first time in 1037. It’s found in Calafell Old Town, which is also mediaeval in origin.

The Castle and its surrounding areas comprise an open-air archaeological park that explains episodes of the town’s history through a refreshing museum design.

The tour of the inside of the complex, with a new museum design that was installed quite recently, includes a visit to the conjuratory, the bell-gable and the cistern, which served as a hiding place during episodes of pirate attacks in the Mediterranean. The highlight of the entire visit is the Romanesque church, where visitors will enjoy an impressive and immersive experience that will definitely make an impression.

One of the most popular events in Calafell in recent years is held in its environs on the first weekend in September: the Calaphel Mediaeval Market.

Free parking in the surrounding areas with spaces for coaches, bookshop, toilets.

C. de les Penyes, 11b, 43820 Calafell